Grizzly Peak D (13,427 ft)

Google Maps to trailhead.
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Android Stats:
Total Time: 5 hrs 55 min
Total Distance: 6.0 miles
Minimum Elevation: 11,990 ft
Maximum Elevation: 13,427 ft
Elevation Gain: 3,085 ft
Difficulty: Easy ridge walk with a little class II before summit of Grizzly.

Date of Hike: September 19, 2009

Here’s a nice short little hike that includes two 13ers. Starting from Loveland Pass there really isn’t much to describe about these peaks. Aside from the big ascent right up from the pass being made of loose dust and marbles from erosion, there is an easy to spot trail the whole way to Grizzly Peak.

Still being close to the monsoon season we started this one before sunrise. But in our usual fashion it was only moments before the peaks were lit with rays.

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Parnassus, Mt. (13,574 ft)

Google Maps to trailhead.
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Android Stats:
Again the old G2 had some questionable numbers. This hike was definitely under eight miles round trip, and barely over 3,000 gain. I can tell by our time on the chart.

Mount Parnassus Topo

At the time this was the coldest and closest to winter hiking we had done. Luckily the snow wasn’t deep and we had just enough gear and clothing to get to the top.

Jumping out at the lot off of exit 218, it was quickly apparent the temps weren’t going to change much at all that day. I had wool upper and wool socks but lacked anything else of real substance. Hedging mostly on the sheltered nature of Watrous Gulch to make things tolerable. The trees and initial trail were quite pleasant and the roar of the I-70 quickly fades.

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Bard Peak (13,641 ft)

Google Maps to trailhead. (As of summer 2012 this access was very limited/closed due to construction on the Urad Mine road and surrounding area.)

NOAA point forecast.


Android Stats:
Total Time: 10 hrs 11 min
Total Distance: 15.3 miles (Probably more like 10-11)
Minimum Elevation: 10,168 ft
Maximum Elevation: 13,641 ft
Elevation Gain: 5,032 ft
Difficulty: Steep class II, a knee killer up or down.

Date of Hike: July 24, 2010

Parking here was no issue in 2010. There was a large pullout just opposite this sign. It marks the start of the route and is an instant warm up for what’s to come.

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Saint Vrain Mountain (12,162 ft)

Google Maps to trailhead.
NOAA point forecast.

Android Stats:
Total Time: 7 hrs 35 min
Total Distance: 8.6 miles
Minimum Elevation: 8,850 ft
Maximum Elevation: 12,162 ft
Elevation Gain: 3,310 ft
Difficulty: Very easy trail and only rates class II because there’s no trail around the park.

Date of Hike: Appx. July 16, 2011

For two weeks in a row in 2011 we found ourselves on Saint Vrain Mountain Trail. The first round was due to a dogsitter bailing out on us and getting stuck taking a five month old Limbaugh on his first hike. He only made it about two miles in before showing signs of tired. So we turned around not even covering five miles.

The next weekend we started out early and headed for Saint Vrain Mountain again.

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Clinton Peak (13,857 ft)

Google Maps to trailhead.
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Android Stats:
Total Time: 10 hrs 10 min
Total Distance: 10.9 miles
Minimum Elevation: 10,963 ft
Maximum Elevation: 13,857 ft
Elevation Gain: 3,320 ft
Difficulty: Class I road hike to Wheeler Lake, class II+ from the lake to the peak. The distance is reaching the limit for my dogs on a day hike.

Date of Hike: June 9, 2012

There are a lot of mountains in Colorado. We usually don’t have any idea where we are headed until maybe two days before hand. This weekend the weather forecast pushed us a bit south from where we were intending. But the difference between a 20% chance of storms and 5% is significant. Enough so that driving another 45 minutes further was worth the effort.

The parking behind Wheeler Reservoir is 2WD accessible, but it doesn’t have very many spots. Depending on how the first few people position their vehicles there might be between six and ten car spaces. We were first so it wasn’t an issue. Gearing up in our usual pace we headed out on the rugged Wheeler Lake Road. This is most definitely upper 4×4 driving, walking it is not like walking other roads. Many spots required a bit of hiking in fact.

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